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How Bone Grafting Prepares You for Implants

When a tooth is lost and not replaced immediately, jaw bone deterioration will occur. When you lose bone in your jaw, it becomes more difficult to place dental implants. Bone loss also can alter your bite, causes surrounding teeth to shift, and even changes your facial appearance. In order to place implants and restore your jaw, we can perform a variety of bone grafting procedures. Bone grafting is the process of adding bone material to locations that are lacking adequate volume in order to restore the jaw and prepare for dental implants.

We perform multiple bone grafting treatments depending on your needs:

More Information on Bone Grafting

The Bone Grafting Procedure

When performing a bone graft procedure, we carefully retract your gums to expose the recessed jaw bone underneath. We will then take a sample of bone from you, or a donor source, and create bone granules that are easily packed on the site of recession. We may then use GTR to place a barrier membrane over the granules to promote healing and protect the site. After healing, you should have enough bone volume for dental implants to be placed successfully.

An Experienced Team Dedicated to Your Needs

If you are seeking dental implants or implant supported dentures and have missing teeth, there is a good chance you will need bone grafting treatment. Thanks to our sedation options, bone grafting is virtually painless and gets you on track to a beautiful and functional mouth. Our doctors are pioneers in implant dentistry, having placed well over 25,000 dental implants, many of which requiring bone grafting treatment. With any procedure, we always aim to provide the most effective, long-lasting results, and with bone grafting, we can ensure your implants and jaw stay healthy.

Bone grafting may be your first step towards dental implants!

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