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The Advantages of Dental Implants

For those who are missing teeth, dental implants are regarded as the gold standard in tooth replacement. By replacing lost teeth, you will be able to return to the quality of life you had before—smiling confidently and not having to worry about dietary restrictions or oral health concerns. Your tooth will be restored with a natural-looking crown, blending seamlessly into your smile and giving you the durability to eat your favorites foods again. The dental implant post will prevent your jaw bone from deteriorating, which keeps your facial appearance natural. Best of all, you can return to your high quality of life since dental implants can last the rest of your life with proper oral care.

Dr. Kumar Explains The Dental Implant Process

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Natural look and function
  • Prevents jaw bone deterioration
  • Permanent with proper care
  • Eat, speak and smile with confidence
  • Increase quality of life

The Dental Implant Process

When performing dental implant surgery, we begin with a thorough exam of your mouth and jaw. We use an advanced cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner to get a detailed look at your jaw, including the location of nerves, tooth roots, and your jaw bone volume. This allows us to plan where your implants will be placed and create a computer-generated implant guide. By utilizing guided implant surgery, we can place your dental implants more predictably and with improved precision and success. After the implant has been placed, you will likely require a few months to heal before your dentist can restore the tooth with a dental crown. We also offer the revolutionary TeethToday® process, which can provide you with a dental implant and restoration piece in one day.

The Cost of Dental Implants

Since every person is unique, dental implant cost varies on a case by case basis. Cost is typically determined by the severity of your case, what additional treatments need to be performed and how many teeth need to be replaced. Many patients seek full-arch tooth replacement or want to secure their existing dentures with dental implants, which increases the cost versus replacing one missing tooth.

Pioneers in Implant Dentistry

Our practice is regarded internationally as a leader in the field of implant dentistry. Our doctors have educated thousands of restorative and surgical dentists by lectures, publication and teaching symposiums throughout the world on dental implant surgery. In 1984, we were one of the first practices in the tri-state area to begin placing implants, and since then, we have placed over 25,000 dental implants. With our expertise, we can set the foundation for achieving a highly functional, aesthetic and long-lasting smile.

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Dental Implants Bergen County, NJ

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