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Gum Grafting Protects Exposed Tooth Roots

Gum recession causes your gum line to recede from its natural position and exposes your sensitive tooth roots. When the gums recede, your teeth may appear longer than normal as you are now seeing the tooth roots that were once covered, which may negatively impact your smile or give you the appearance of an uneven gum line. When your tooth roots are exposed and no longer protected by the gums, they are more susceptible to decay and damage. If gum recession is not treated, your teeth can become loose, making it difficult to eat or close your jaw properly, and may even fall out. We offer gum recession treatment in the form of traditional gum grafting and the minimal invasive VISTA technique.

Dr. M Jaffin Discusses Gum Recession

Gum Grafting is a Proven, Capable Treatment

Gum grafting is a tried-and-true solution to correcting gum recession. By attaching tissue over the area of recession, we are able to restore the gum line to a healthy and attractive level. This tissue can be a sample taken from the palate of your mouth, or from a donor source. We will carefully suture the tissue in place to cover the exposed tooth roots. After healing, it will seamlessly blend in with your gums, protecting the teeth and restoring aesthetics to your smile.

The Revolutionary VISTA Technique

As a more minimally invasive approach to gum grafting, we also offer the VISTA technique. This technique does not require a graft from the patient, as we simply adjust your existing gum tissue back to the appropriate level. We will make a small incision above the affected teeth and using a thin tool, carefully push the gums over the area of recession. Sutures are used to hold the gums in their new position and after healing, will provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. Many of our patients prefer this method because we can treat multiple recession sites with minimal surgeries.

The Benefits to Your Smile

As periodontists, our doctors specialize in gum tissue and have extensive experience with gum recession treatment. We also offer sedation dentistry for those who experience dental anxiety or are concerned with discomfort during treatment. After receiving care for gum recession, patients enjoy many benefits, including:
• Improved smile
• Protect tooth roots
• Prevent tooth decay or damage
• Reduce tooth sensitivity

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